Hi, I’m Ramoncito

Hi, I’m Ramoncito

A dedicated Yogi, Teacher Trainer and Empowerment Coach.

I was first introduced to the practice of Yoga in 2016. I began practicing yoga as a means to balance out my strength training; since then Yoga has become a journey for me to connect with myself and everything around me through conscious awareness and presence.

Key moments
that shaped me

  • As a child I grew up with a vivid imagination sparking my love for painting and drawing.

    The drawback?

    I was stuck in my head, disconnected from reality.

  • During my years at school, I lost belief in myself; allowing other people’s be(lie)fs to latch on to me and dictate my life.

    These beliefs turned into fears. I became fearful about nearly everything. The severity of my fears had me believe that I will be blown away by the wind because of how scrawny I was.

    Operating from fear, I would freeze to take action and would just wait for life to happen to me instead of creating a life for me.

  • It wasn’t until my mid 20’s I realised I was stuck in a repetitive cycle, getting me to question for the first time ‘is this really how life is?’

    My curiosity ignited a flame in me to start living the life I would always dream of.

    During this time I realised that in order to make our life better, we have to be better!

    And that is why…

I empower you to be your own leader
and create a life you deserve.

My Method

Breaking through your limitations that’s holding you back from being the best version of You starts by knowing something is holding you back.

We don’t know what we don’t know.

Awareness allows us to know there is a problem,
and knowing is halfway to finding the solution.

The 3 B’s to cut
through the BS*

*Belief Systems

1. Body
2. Breath
3. Brain (Mindset)

Asana – Yoga Postures

  • Train your attention so you can remain focused on your goals.

  • Gain confidence with a strong, open
    and vital body.

  • Understand your triggers so you can be composed when challenges arise.

Pranayama – Breathwork

Harness the power of your breath to:

  • Still your mind so you can exercise your willpower to take decisive action.

  • Prevent dis-ease in the body by releasing tension & stress.

  • Increase your energy so you can be more productive throughout the day.

Manas – Mindset

Coaching that will help you:

  • Gain clarity in your purpose to start living your dreams.

  • Increase your self worth by understanding yourself at a deeper level.

  • Let go of your fears so you can really start living!


Foundation YTT200hr, Vikasa
Foundation YTT200hr, Carja Yoga
Universal Yoga YTT500hr, Universal Yoga
Master NLP Practitioner, Life Beyond Limits
Master Life Coach, Life Beyond Limits
Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, Life Beyond Limits